I have been writing stories and creating new characters and worlds since I was in grade school.  Here are some of the projects I have created.


Star Legends

This was my first attempt to write a novel.  I began this series with two friends, acting out characters as a play and sharing ideas.  I wrote many short stories before modifying the story to fit the novel format, so there are many iterations of the series.  The novel began in 2005, and the short stories were all written at various times from 2000 onward.

As a basic summary, three girls discover they are from another world when a guardian comes to tell them they are needed in their home.  Their mother has gone missing, and it is up to them to discover where she is with their magical powers.



I picked up role playing online when in high school and college, and this is the result.  Again, I have written both short stories and started a series of novels, and again, the story has gone through several incarnations.  The story in the novels was completely modified for a broader audience, written in 2011.  The short stories were all written in a period between 2006 and the time the novels were started.

The premise of this story revolves around several different medieval-style worlds somehow opening up to one another, and they find themselves needing to work together to solve larger, universal issues.  The stories follow many different characters trying to find a way to survive in the war-torn worlds, as well as find a solution for peace once and for all.

Other Writing

Here are other stories I’ve created, either intending to be series or just short stories written because of ideas in my head.

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