About Me

My name is Bridgett Dodd, and I am married to a wonderful husband and currently a mother of two children, a daughter and a son.  We are enjoying the typical “American dream” of having a place to call home while slowly expanding our family.

I graduated high school as the class valedictorian, and afterward I attended Mississippi State University.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering along with a Mathematics minor, and I participated in some graduate work toward my Ph.D. in the engineering field with a focus on modeling micromechanics.  My skills learned in college include several computer languages such as C, Java, Fortran, BASIC, and Matlab, and I am well versed in technical writing.  I have since self-taught myself other coding languages as needed for various projects, particularly Python.

My hobbies and interests include writing, computer program development, website development, mythology, astronomy, and teaching/tutoring.  I dabble in pixel artwork and some Photoshop work as well.


I would prefer to only be contacted for business or networking reasons.  I will happily talk about my writing and website development, as well as any job opportunities.

The easiest way to reach me would be to email me: obsailorstar@gmail.com .  You can also visit any of the social media links located on the sidebar.


Thank you to Samantha for the website hosting!  I really appreciate all you do for me!  Slider artwork is also credited to this lovely woman!

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